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Reimagining Masculinity - Brendan Kwiatkowski

Episode Summary

Brendan Kwiatkowski is a Ph.D. candidate at the University of Edinburgh in Scottland researching adolescents males' beliefs about emotions, school and masculinity and looking at the relationships between all three of those elements. Brendan is in the research phase of his Ph.D. and he is collecting his data in the greater Vancouver region of British Columbia. Andrew and Brendan discuss various aspects of his research including the impacts of messaging from parents and teachers, how we form our masculinity beliefs and the differences in how we raise boys and girls. Brendan shares his affection for Brooklynn nine-nine, and Andrew does his level best to ask great questions and get the most from the conversation.

Episode Notes

Show Notes:

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Instagram: @re.masculate

Hosted: Andrew Bracewell @everydayamazingpodcast

Produced/Edited: Justin Hawkes @Hawkes21